Pie Town Puzzle

This is one of my geocaches, most of which are “premium member only”, as is this one, to mitigate the muggling problem that public caches have. As such, the content at https://coord.info/GC2DHFK is invisible to most people. I like to avoid trolls. Unless they are a relative of Pratchett’s, or as found in the landscape,Continue reading “Pie Town Puzzle”

Telegraph Road

The song that has launched innumerable #phototunes. Or so it seems to me; I’ve lost count of the times I’ve shared versions this song with a (hopefully) apropos photograph. Some #phototunes are better than others, and some songs require multiple tries… . In this case, I present you with a gift #phototune presented by GregContinue reading “Telegraph Road”

Lewis Thomas on Language

“Language is simply alive, like an organism. We all tell each other this, in fact, when we speak of living languages, and I think we mean something more than an abstract metaphor. We mean alive. Words are the cells of language, moving the great body, on legs. Language grows and evolves, leaving fossils behind. TheContinue reading “Lewis Thomas on Language”