The Far Side

Apparently it takes Gary Larson publishing His_Very_Own_Webpage (and my discovering it) to get me to post again. Really must restart, and this is a good one to go with.

He and Bill Watterson, with Calvin and Hobbes, are neck and neck for top living cartoonist (I may be missing many).

My wife gave me a great present some while back, a 2-tome complete set of Larson (it must weigh 25 pounds!) and I’ve done a similar thing with Watterson for her. Anyway, digitising (scanning, photographing them?) them has been on my back burners a looong time. Larson has saved me the effort, not to mention the moral quandaries of sharing, &c. by making his own publishing outlet. Maybe they (Bill and Gary) know each other, and Gary can bamboozle him into doing the same… .

Enjoy the Larson.

Living dangerously now, here is today’s “Daily Dose”:



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