So, here goes

I got some of G+ imported here, anyway. WP seems to have (at least partially) inhaled it, including downloading photos to storage here. Hm.

Now to get on with it and tidy the place up a bit, maybe even create some content!

A long time ago, in the time of Picasa, I liked to share photo albums like this on #GooglePlus; vignettes illustrating a day on the trail or some story — in this case, the day that NMFireHorse, GeoWalkabout, Bronco and I hiked out in pursuit of the Tapia Canyon Time Trek geocache My knees complained, but my eyes cracked the whip. So totally worth it. Must go back with better lenses…

Tapia Canyon
In the slot portion, the album seems to like the first shot I shared

A song for G+ from my fav. supergroup, The Traveling Wilburys: End Of The Line
Not exactly a #phototune unless you got to ‘Chock a block’ in the album, I suppose…

#TheGoodOldDaysofGplus #TheGoodOldDaysofG+