African Songs & Tales

Richard Bona with the WDR Big Band, Leverkusen Forum, Köln, Germany {1:14:36}

Three (+) continents’ music in one, and I say it is some mighty tasty tuneage. Appeals to my endless fascination with interstitial things, it does. Music, the universal language, enables and encourages them; it (apart from linguistic examinations, as kinesics and proxemics) is the one that transcends all barriers and gaps. Even better, it integrates them, as evidenced here.

Why am I not surprised this concert was in Köln? Not like they have an extra appreciative Jazz audience for the 40+ years I’ve noticed since Keith Jarrett did his thing there …


The Far Side

Apparently it takes Gary Larson publishing His_Very_Own_Webpage (and my discovering it) to get me to post again. Really must restart, and this is a good one to go with.

He and Bill Watterson, with Calvin and Hobbes, are neck and neck for top living cartoonist (I may be missing many).

My wife gave me a great present some while back, a 2-tome complete set of Larson (it must weigh 25 pounds!) and I’ve done a similar thing with Watterson for her. Anyway, digitising (scanning, photographing them?) them has been on my back burners a looong time. Larson has saved me the effort, not to mention the moral quandaries of sharing, &c. by making his own publishing outlet. Maybe they (Bill and Gary) know each other, and Gary can bamboozle him into doing the same… .

Enjoy the Larson.

Living dangerously now, here is today’s “Daily Dose”:


Telegraph Road

The song that has launched innumerable #phototunes. Or so it seems to me; I’ve lost count of the times I’ve shared versions this song with a (hopefully) apropos photograph. Some #phototunes are better than others, and some songs require multiple tries… .

In this case, I present you with a gift #phototune presented by Greg Kerr and based on my submission for “road” in the last photo Scavenger Hunt. Thanks for the connection and youtube link to this version, Greg.

Friday Night Freeform

Because something has to hold up the third leg of Brian’s rotating tripod, lol

Music is intrinsic, beginning with the call of stars, susurrations of the waking world, lullabies, songs of my sisters, heard compositions, collected works, playing on FM… fun times volunteering on NPR… old djs never die, they just segue…

Tonight’s randomicity — random CD shelves, random shelves, positions and (semi- random) cuts on same, from my collection; five ’cause that’s what the old school player driving the soundstage upstairs does:

Pure 80’s : Stray Cats: “Rock This Town”

f\Rock This Town

Eric Clapton : Unplugged : “Running on Faith”

Running on Faith

The Smithereens : 11 : “A Girl Like You”

A Girl Like You

B.B. King : Why I Sing The Blues : Chains and Things (Carole King on Piano)

Chains and Things

Last but not least, SRV with Kings B.B. and Albert as well as Mr. Paul Butterfield : The Sky is Crying from the album of the same name

n.b. some liberties taken in translating my collection via YouTube… I’ll generally find a live version if I can, even if it isn’t the exact CD version (which, as often as not and perhaps more so) is not available. Almost enough to get me to publish exported FLACs, but then, they’d have no more than #phototunes at best so I haven’t.

Gabriel: Secret World

I loved Peter Gabriel’s work with Genesis, but think and feel that he really came into his own as a solo artist. Here is his Secret World concert (1:42:09) performed/recorded 16-17 November 1993 at Palasport Nuovo in Modena, Italy. He was and is none to shabby in finding people to collaborate and play with, either. The musicians featured in this concert:

  • Peter Gabriel — lead vocals, keyboards, harmonica (“Kiss That Frog”)
  • Tony Levin – bass, Chapman stick, backing vocals
  • David Rhodes – guitar, backing vocals
  • Manu Katche – drums, backing vocals
  • Jean-Claude Naimro – keyboards, backing vocals
  • Shankar – violin, backing vocals
  • Levon Minassian – doudouk (“Blood of Eden”)
  • Paula Cole – backing vocals, co-lead vocals (“Shaking the Tree” and “Don’t Give Up”)
  • special guests were Papa Wemba and Molokai


  1. Come Talk To Me
  2. Steam
  3. Across The River
  4. Slow Marimbas
  5. Shaking The Tree
  6. Blood Of Eden
  7. San Jacinto
  8. Kiss That Frog
  9. Washing Of The Water
  10. Solsbury Hill
  11. Digging In The Dirt
  12. Sledgehammer
  13. Secret World
  14. Don’t Give Up
  15. In Your Eyes

Dratted YouTube/Alphabet wants to monetise everything, so there are ads between the songs. They’ll never apologise, so I will on their behalf.

Maestro y Maestro

Pablo (Pau) Casals, interpreting J.S. Bach in Abbaye Saint-Michel de Cuxa, France, 1954

Bach Cello Solo Nr.1, BWV 1007

I remember playing the original LP (or an EMI copy thereof) long ago on the radio. As the YouTube publisher states, those versions are superior to this recording. But hey, this is apparently the first video of Casals’ performance. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve passed it on here on the Internet; it is a long-time favorite.