For The B&W Project with curators Maayan Windmuller , Pat Kight , Art through the Aperture Photography and Stuart Vivian .

Tagged Participants
Lauri Novak
Thomas Deckert
Gernot Glaeser
Martin Kling
Angela Migliore
Tom Tran
Julie Brocca
Jenn Camforth
Christine Bichler
Joanna Koziara
Yvette van Teeffelen
Wade Brooks
StPaul Herrmann
John Dusseault
Devyani Sen
Berit Schurse
Piotr Edelman
Janusz Bednarski
Andrew Endean
Steffan Correll
Jane Levine
Carmen Mandich
Glen Schlueter
Pat Kight
karin e
Alen Ianni
Françoise Dhulesia
Suzie Smith
Roger Chessell
Constantinos Catsoulis
Michael Griffin
Sandra Nesbit
Al Chris
Brian Christian

#bwproject2018 #bwproject2018_13of26

Thomas Deckert and I did a quick-and-dirty collaboration over the weekend, in a slightly different mode than what I have seen so far. Rather than produce one or more merged/layered photos (I don’t know about Thomas, but my PS skills are basically nonexistent anyway) we shared a number of our photos from the past fortnight and did the post-work on each other’s shots. Of the three of Thomas’ photos I played with, I liked the result on this one best. Colour version is his original (only ported from DNG to JPG) and the B&W is the result of my play in Lightroom. As we say in geocaching, Thanks for the fun, Thomas!


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