Born of anthro-parents in a Fiat minibus en la Frontera EU/Mex. First memory, looking out its window at the stars and feeling homesick.

My life predilections in order of appearance are chilehead, cook, explorer, builder, photographer, healer, educator, researcher, and systems guy. I’ve variously worked as carpenter/builder, cook, licensed massage therapist, edu/corporate cog, tutor/trainer, sysadmin, and environmental technician/analyst. I was most of the way through coursework for a Biology degree when I got bitten by the computer bug and ended up with an MIS degree, and all but the portfolio of an M.Ed. in Organizational Learning and Instructional Technology. For the last couple of years after getting laid off I’ve been doing a bit of consulting and photographic work along with a lot of elder care for my mother and my mother-in-law. Oh yeah, and feeding my photography geas, can’t forget that… .

In case you are curious about the etymology of my cougarox handle, it has had a tendency to show up since the BBS days. I have a predilection for Pumas and got born as a metal ox (or more accurately, water buffalo). It seemed handy at the time and stuck.

Places I’ve lived:
Currently, New Mexico, USA. No place like home. It has Skies and Terrain, Cultures and Chiles!
Austin, TX
Birmingham, AL
Cuernavaca, Mor
Chennai, TN
Colorado Springs, CO
Dharmavaram, AP
El Paso, TX
Ft. Liard, NWT
Montevallo, AL
Rishi Valley, AP
Varanasi, UP

Interests and activities (alpha-sort):

Animals, #Anthropology, #Architecture, #Art, #Astronomy, #Botany, #Building, #Camping, #Carpentry, #Cartography, #Ecology, #Education, #Farming, #Gardening, #Geocaching, #Geography, #Geology, #GIS, #Healing, #Hiking, #History, #InformationTechnology, #IntegrativeMedicine, #Language, #Literature, #Music, #Mysticism, #Mythology, #NaturalHistory, #Philosophy, #Photography, #Physics, #Theosophy, #Writing, #Zoology

Serves me right for deciding, as a lad, that being a Renaissance Man was a good goal. I think they call us “jacks of all trades” now.

I’m fascinated by the interstitial spaces between objects/waveforms in the fields of Time, Space, and Knowledge; one of my favorite logic tools is the Venn diagram, and I love the blue and golden hours…

Nature is my muse, and I tend toward #skyscapes, #landscapes, #fauna, and #flora, but I photograph – as you might guess from my interests – just about anything. Architecture, especially in the forms of ghost towns and ruins, but right down to street furniture, is a common theme, and a long-standing one.

Photography kit: My daily camera is a Sony ?6000. I use a lot of vintage glass, and the lenses I am currently using include the following: Minolta MD 28/2.8, Rokkor-X 50/1.4, Rokkor-X 135/2.8, MD 100-200/5.6; Sigma Art 19; Vivitar 17/3.5, Series 1 90/2.5 macro, and 500/8. I’m all manual raw all the time, but I do use my (Samsung droid) cell on occasion, lol

Geocaching kit: Garmin GPSMap 64s and BaseCamp software, GSAK, TOTTs

If you like my photography, and would like to have some of it yourself, please let me know! If there is one you’ve seen elsewhere but can’t find, please ask. Some high-resolution versions as prints &c are also available at my Fine Art America page. My archives are at geophotocacher.smugmug.com and/or you can browse my Flickr stream.