Casa San Ysidro

This past Saturday, I went out to see if I might find and capture some interesting street shots for one of the photographic groups I participate in online, so I headed down to Corrales. It was a bit wintry, but when I passed by the Old Church and Casa San Ysidro, I noticed that the parking lot was packed. “What’s this?” I asked myself, “Is there some sort of event going on?” So, I parked and investigated. Indeed, there was a history lecture going on at Casa San Ysidro. Unfortunately, I was on my way across town and didn’t have the time to attend the lecture, but I was excited to have the opportunity to go inside and shoot. Architecture and history trump street every single time in my book… .

Gate, Casa San Ysidro
Casa San Ysidro "OSHM"
Casa San Ysidro “OSHM’

One of the first people I encountered there was Aaron Gardner, the site manager. Now, I am definitely not like my father, who was an anthropological portrait photographer first and foremost. I and am very reticent about photographing people, but was struck by his beautiful eyes — inherited from his mother, he says — and asked if I might take his portrait. (Gasp!) He was happy to oblige.

Aaron Gardner, Dir.
Aaron Gardner, Site Manager at Casa San Ysidro

On with the photos I captured, then…

Here is one of the compound bell. I liked it in B&W:

Bell B&W
Dinner Bell (?)

The horno (oven) is in the corner of the compound. Another one I liked in B&W and processed in Silver Efex:

Horno in  B&W
Horno in B&W

Here is another shot of it, in color and a bit wider:


Staying with the fiery theme for a moment, here is the smithy, or at least part of it:


Barn Door

Barn doors
Barn door
The wagon “garage”
Wagon detail
Wagon detail
Hitching post
Hitching post detail
One of the buildings
Log cabin
Cabin detail
Corner doorway
Compound window, shuttered

More of this album is visible on Flickr.


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