WPP2018 – Week 39 – Straight out of Camera

Françoise Dhulesia , Angela Migliore , Byron Sheldrick , Dave Hollis , Carmen Mandich , madhura ravishankar , Constantinos Catsoulis , Alicia Smith , Rob Masters , Francesco Scaglioni , Mary Wardell , Navin Upendran


Posting a little early for this, but on time for #Caturday

Leelu made herself comfortable on the back patio across town yesterday.

Shot with my Rokkor-X 50/1.4 at f4 if I recall correctly; the lack of aperture data in EXIF is the most annoying bit of shooting with old glass. Then again, having EXIF data at all is a boon…

No adjustments apart from LR import/renaming and export from dng to jpg — the way I like it. If I can (it is a moving target) I like to get my shots right in camera and not have to bother with much in the way of post work.

Keywording and titling, egads, that’s another story…what a time sink.


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