A recent monsoonal skyscape.

Building my stormscape collection at https://www.geophotocacher.com/Skyscapes/Clouds/Storm-Clouds/

There are lots more to go, lol

#BTPLandscapePro BTP Landscape Pro
#hqsplandscape for HQSP Landscape
#EverydayLandscape and
#LandscapePhotography Landscape Photography with Margaret Tompkins , Eric Drumm , Chandler L. Walker , Krzysztof Felczak , Jeff Beddow , H Peter Ji , Dorma Wiggin
#myfavpicoftheday My Fav Pic of the Day with Trudy Grossman
Photo Mania USA with Dorma Wiggin , Matvey Z , Chandro Ji
#usaSouthwestTravelers with Geri Linda Metterle for usa Southwest Travelers – #NewMexico


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