Cerro de Guadalupe (6,844′)

Sandoval County, New Mexico

One of the volcanic plugs/necks in Mt. Taylor / Tso’odzil field, this part of which I call the ‘Valle de los Volcánes’.

Somebody or other (thanks!) got me going on this set; here are some more of the Cerros: https://www.geophotocacher.com/Landscapes/Valle-de-los-Volcanes/Cerros/

#BTPLandscapePro BTP Landscape Pro
#hqsplandscape for HQSP Landscape
#LandscapePhotography Landscape Photography curated by Margaret Tompkins , Eric Drumm , Chandler L. Walker , Krzysztof Felczak , Jeff Beddow , H Peter Ji , Dorma Wiggin
#MountainMonday Mountain Monday with Michael Russell


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