Memorial Day

My maternal grandfather, Col. MacNab, Papua New Guinea

TAKING A BREAK. Lt. Col. Alexander MacNab (right), Executive Officer of the 128th Infantry, pauses with two of his men for a cigarette on the trail. “The 3d Battalion marched overland from Totore to Gobe in two echelons, taking approximately four days for the move. Some of the men picked up malaria in the mosquito-infested swamps along the Musa, and the weakening effects of the march were apparent in the subsequent operations of the battalion”, Ltr, Col Alexander J. MacNab to Gen Ward, 7 Mar 51; Ltr, Col Miller to author, 7 Jan 52; Col Hale, Answers to Questions by Hist Sec, GHQ SWPA, as to Certain Phases of the Papuan Campaign; 128th Inf Hist of Papuan Campaign; 32d Div AAR, Papuan Campaign


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