Brisket for the carnivores

An experiment on my grill, courtesy of a cow in our raw milk organic dairy’s herd whose time had come. Happy, healthy, unstressed cows -> meat worth eating 😉 (cf. )

Marinated overnight with apple cider vinegar, tamari, Worcestershire, salt, pepper, bay, red chile, mustard, onion flakes, liquid hickory smoke, a bit of Spike and a few other herbs and spices I don’t recall; I was in mad food scientist mode late at night. Not that I ever measure or write anything down anyway, when I’m in that mode lol

Dry rub: brown sugar, smoked paprika, red chile, salt, pepper, garlic granules… .Popped it onto the top shelf with a drip pan, and smoked it with apple and mesquite chips and some mesquite charcoal low and slow for about six hours.

Yay, it has a smoke ring! Tastes pretty good, too 😉

[a quick snap with my phone, I was too tired and lazy to get my camera and do the all-manual thing it requires]


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