Onward with my music library (re)digitisation project; A is for Alpert, he of the TJ Brass and the A of A&M Records (remember them?)

“Definitive Hits” they say. Pretty sure I have several such from his catalog, lol Been listening to him for….oh, nevermind.

Here’s the latest to make the portable VBR-encoded transition.


1. The Lonely Bull 0:00
2. Mexican Shuffle 2:24
3. Whipped Cream 4:41
4. Lolipops and Roses 7:19
5. A Taste of Honey 9:52
6. Spanish Flea 12:41
7. Tijuana Taxi 14:53
8. Zorba the Greek 17:03
9. What Now My Love 21:31
10. So What’s New 23:52
11. The Work Song 26:06
12. This Guy’s In Love With You 28:19
13. Casino Royale 32:24
14. Route 101 35:03
15. Fandango 38:25
16. Rise 42:11
17. Rotation 49:51
18. Diamonds 55:05
19. Keep Your Eye On Me 1:00:03
20. Making Love in the Rain 1:05:20

…the least those wretched algorithms could do is to place their ads on the breaks, but breaking into tunes, gak! 😡


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