Dark, you say?

I was thinking of stars, but it was sunset, and the lamps came on…

B&W Project 2018
6/26: Low-key
Date for Posting: Friday 23rd March


The B&W Project Al Chris Maayan Windmuller Pat Kight Marilyn Benham Iva Pas Photography
Anita W Eve Aebi Angela Migliore
Lauri Novak Christine Bichler Stuart Vivian
Walter Gantt Gernot Glaeser Brian Christian Fred Brundick Alan Mason Paul Howard
Ray Pompilio Ina Gat Thomas Deckert
Christina Lihani Jacqueline Johnson Art through the Aperture Photography
John Dusseault Devyani Sen kay phelps
Rose Badlani karin e Constantinos Catsoulis
Suzie Smith Jane Levine Heidemarie Kueck
Glen Schlueter Martin Heller Janusz Bednarski
Carmen Mandich Joanna Koziara Brenda Ortiz
Michael Griffin Kathleen Milks Martin Kling
Julie Brocca Isabel Kelly Françoise Dhulesia
Ulrike E. Piotr Edelman

… I went a little mad, caching and shooting my way across town and back today/tonight, and managed to find a more satisfactory image.


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