I had to go back and review what I had taken this past fortnight to see if there was anything I could use since I managed to forget to take one on purpose for this…again.

San Felipe Pueblo horse sculpture along the highway

24/26 ~ Negative space
#BWProject2017 #BWProject2017_24of26

The B&W Project , Al Chris , Maayan Windmuller , Iva Pas Photography , Pat Kight , Marilyn Benham , Anita W , Eve Aebi , Angela Migliore , Lauri Novak , Christine Bichler , Stuart Vivian , Walter Gantt , Gernot Glaeser , Brian Christian , Fred Brundick , Alan Mason , Paul Howard , Ray Pompilio , Ina Gat , Thomas Deckert , Christina Lihani , Jacqueline Johnson , Art through the Aperture Photography , John Dusseault , Devyani Sen , kay phelps , Rose Badlani , karin e , Constantinos Catsoulis
Suzie Smith , Jane Levine , Heidemarie Kueck , Glen Schlueter , Martin Heller , Janusz Bednarski , Carmen Mandich , Joanna Koziara , Brenda Ortiz , Michael Griffin , Kathleen Milks , Martin Kling , Julie Brocca , Isabel Kelly , Françoise Dhulesia , Ulrike E. , Piotr Edelman


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